Ca va? (Mita kuuluu?)

Hard to believe – I have two weeks left with the Carencro Class of ’16.  For a while, we’ve wondered about what’s up with the next groups of students I see will be like.

Many of these seniors read about Finnish students in The Smartest Kids in the World and How They Got That Way with their junior teacher, Paula Domingue. And then a few of us had to find Finland on the map. We have marveled at the temperatures, the sunrise/sunset hours and schools without football games. We laughed about calling teachers by first names and wondered about ice fishing and how different saunas are from our July afternoons. We listened to Nightwish and wondered if Finnish teens Hit the Quan and Nae Naed. We bet their teachers didn’t make them read Othello and Jane Austen or shoot them with marshmallow guns. We vowed they couldn’t have a teacher as sweet as Ms. David or as hilarious as Mr. Walz and no way did they have a three time Super Bowl champion for their coach. If we could have them get down for dinner, we’d feed them crawfish étouffée, boudin, cracklins and red beans, then try some of their karjalanpiirakka.  We asked if they cooked and cleaned til midnight at Micky Ds and Subway and then used the $7.25/hour to pay for the gas they needed to get to & from work and buy pepperoni pizza or Chick-fil-A nuggets.We want to know if they are spellbound by dragons and white walkers and who is Finland’s Key and Peele.We want to go to their nightlong summer music festivals and teach them to two step at a fais do do in the park. We want to show them our tattoos, boots, letterman jackets, nose rings, class rings, rosaries, manicures, extensions, college acceptance letters, four wheelers, new phones, and dance moves.

We wonder if they can find us on the map and what they think about us and ca va up there in Finland.

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2 thoughts on “Ca va? (Mita kuuluu?)

    1. I just changed the subtitle from “What’s happening?” to “How are you?” Taru, my Finnish friend suggested it. I had asked earlier about the Finnish equivalent for ‘sup and found out there really isn’t one. So here I am- not even there and already making language errors. I’m sure there will be more to come!


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