Green (Vihrea)

Tackled Finnish color words today. Several will stick like pinkki, oranssi, and violetti. The vowel-heavy words of the other colors like sinipunainen, and vaaleoanpunainen are hard to picture on  crayolas. But vihrea,-green-this one tastes smooth and gentle and rolls off the tongue. Vihrea I will remember. In my first cold winter, I will miss vihrea.

South Louisiana holds every shade of green- from the pale celery tones to the mossy yellowed tinges to the deep asparagus and fern and granny smith apple shades to the cooler shamrock and Caribbean greens. The sensuous South Louisiana green demands perpetual rain and humidity. In return it softens and frames our world.

Each evening I contemplate my gratitudes. I am a creature of habits and routines, and have become somewhat desensitized to appreciating beauty. Soon I will leave South Louisiana and my world of routine; this is stirring up some anxiety, but the change has also sharpened my awareness. One gratitude that I am awakened to is this lush, magical Louisiana vihrea.

This is a personal website. All views and information presented herein are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Finnish-American Fulbright Program and its sponsors.

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